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lil_girl_lost's Journal

Little Girl Lost
3 September 1984
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One day, I will edit this with some real information about me....

And today is that day! Lucky you!

So, I'm a 23 year old Australian who's moved to London to do the typical Antipodean thing - work in London for a bit, travel Europe for a bit, stress about money a lot. I've had this journal for years and although it doesn't really reflect who I am anymore, I can't bear to give it up - it's still a part of who I am. And I'm a creature of habit.

I love travel (obviously), beautiful girly things like colour, rainbows, waterfalls, sunsets, beaches, as well as interesting architecture, old buildings, churches, photography, graveyards and ghost stories. Plus probably more.

I'm not very interesting, I'm very run-of-the-mill, I make bad decisions, I'm moody and vent a lot, and I go for periods of a time without writing here. I read other's journals more than I read my own. I'm reinventing myself, and hopefully learning to become a better person. I need to go shopping for groceries.

And I've never been very good at ending things like this.....

Alwayz searching, never to find
That elusive piece of my lost mind...